Kumedzani Walter Ramapala

Kumedzani Walter Ramapala is an Accountant based in Johannesburg. A seasoned and innovative leader with extensive Pan African and global experience. A visionary leader who is able to motivate teams to share a common aspiration and work towards a common goal.

As a golfer personally, I started to develop love for the sport in the past seven years and got to follow and support the best South African golfer of all time Ernie Els. I started to research about his background and history, then discovered that he has an Autistic child. This gave birth to understanding of the Autism in general and as man who grew up in villages related with all signs of Autistic children. I have encountered kids who were born with this spectrum disorder in my village having challenges of been discriminated through Educational and other social activities.

I therefore become passionate to become an advocacy of Autism and wanted to become part in creating awareness amongst fellow black, white, Indian and coloured.  I am dedicated to create awareness about Autism and strive to aspire the society where persons live with Autism Spectrum Disorder enjoys the opportunities necessary to fulfil their potential and live a full life.